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So I started my springkink claim for my House/Cameron. It isn't close to being finished but I at least got the beginning in there.

I wrote two SPN drabbles tonight! And also started a Dean/Jo smutlet that I actually backwards. Yes, for some reason I ended up writing the ending part first and am now in the process of working on the beginning followed the middle. It was an interesting way of doing it so I stuck with it.

SPN Drabbles
The Side-Effects - Jo centric
Trinkets - Jo/Dean

I also has to work on my Trick or Treat ficexchange tonight. *nod*

So that is my goal. Finish House fic. Finish Ficexhange. Finish Jo/Dean fic.

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So I think what I'm going to do is use this space to keep myself organized in what I write and so I don't lose track. I have a tendency to forget my writing this and that and never post. @_@
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Yey! My first post!

Ta dah!

Thank you for the invite, [personal profile] yunyun

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